About us

Careerindiainfo.in is one of the most trusted online education web portal in India, where students and job seeker can get latest information about admissions and recruitment exams respectively. The portal is designed in such a way that visitor can easily navigate to the desired information. All the content of this website is prepared with due diligence so that it can become easy to understand for each visitor. You can find here compiled information about admissions process of different Universities, entrance exams for admissions and recruitment exam of various Government or Private Sector at our website. 

Our Vision and Goals

We understand the concern of young minds who are looking for career opportunity in the country and want to achieve new heights in life. Hence, to meet their requirements we dedicate this portal to such people and bound to produce useful information through this portal so that maximum number of people can be benefited. Our aim is to serve people through this website and to reach out maximum people. Accuracy in data is our prime concern.